At the farthest point of Axis territorial boundaries during World War II, Germany and Italy were the dominant power in a huge area of the continent of Europe.

Instead of sitting on couch potatoes, people are engaged with cultural texts by understanding (or "decoding") meanings in accordance with their personal experiences, often in a non-conscious way. 3. Confronted by the formidable Mongol forces and the Mongols, Central European princes temporarily put their regional conflicts to defend their territories. The scholars in the CCCS were interested in the ways in which they could actively challenge hegemony and examined current subcultures of youth (such such as the punk scene) as an example of resistance. While the Mongols were slowly driven eastward however, they dominated the outskirts of Europe up to the 16th century. Fig. 2 2 CCCS scholars understood youth subcultures, like punks as an example of resistance to hegemonic norms. 1362 – Lithuania.

Literary studies that study culture. Presently, Lithuania is one of Europe’s smallest states and yet, in the middle of the ages, it was among the biggest countries on the continent. If you are studying literature from a cultural perspective the way you analyze meaning is through the lens of the text with regard to the social, economic and cultural contexts that the text was written. A crucial moment for Lithuania occurred following an impressive victory in the Battle of Blue Waters.

In light of the culture studies’ focus on the struggle against dominant power structures in societies, the field has integrated political theories, such as Marxism as well as disability theory the postcolonial literature theory . This victory was a stifle to the growth of the Golden Horde, and also brought modern-day Ukraine within its area of influence. In examining literature in the context of cultural studies they are all ways through which literature could be studied. 1648 – Kleinstaaterei. Disability theory is A theory of academic study that studies what disability means in the society and how that significance is affected by the culture and society. The fall of the Holy Roman Empire highlights the stark territorial dispersion in Germany as well as the neighboring regions during a time known as Kleinstaaterei . Postcolonial literary theory is an approach to literature that employs literature to examine the implications of colonialism and empire (when nations exert influence over others to obtain money and power). While nation states that were coherent developed around it, they Holy Roman Empire and its remnants didn’t come together until Germany was able to emerge from the chaos that was the Franco-Prussian War in 1871.

In addition, because the field of cultural studies is focused on the challenge to hegemonic views Literary and cultural studies scholars also deal with literature that is not in the literary canon, such as literature and pop culture and other texts that reflect a range of voices. Unification has helped establish Germany as an important power and by 1900, Germany had the highest GDP in Europe. Literary canon is a collection of literary works traditionally thought of as high culture and the most important literary works from a specific time and location. 1919 The year 1919.

Geoffery Chaucer (c. 1340s-1400) and William Shakespeare (1564-1616) are two of the most famous characters from the Western literary canon. Ottoman Empire. Cultural studies examples. The Ottoman Empire, which was a fixture of Eastern Europe for hundreds of years, was in the waning stages in the early 20th century. When you’re studying literary texts from a cultural study perspective You’ll need to keep three key words at the forefront of your head that are power, identity and representation.

The empire had renounced its territories in two wars that cost millions of dollars to Italy in the Balkan and Italian Balkan states. Based on these three terms Ask yourself these questions about the book you’ve selected or texts you wish to analyze: By the time the dust had cleared after WWI, the boundaries of the nation newly created of Turkey were at the very border of the continent of Europe. What is the text’s particular economic, social, or cultural significance? 1942 – Expansion and contraction of Germany. What kinds of power structures (fictional and non-fictional) are you able to identify from the texts? At the farthest point of Axis territorial boundaries during World War II, Germany and Italy were the dominant power in a huge area of the continent of Europe. Who are the texts primary readers?

Below is a map of areas of influence at the time in Germany’s expansion territorially. How does the person’s character fit into unique socio-economic, particular cultural and Following the conflict, Germany again became fragmented into occupation zones. What are the implications of the text for the structures of power as well as social, economic or cultural issues? This time, they were under the supervision of authorities from the United States, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union.

Do these representations support or challenge hegemonic notions and values? Germany could not be rebuilt until the year 1990, when the decreasing Soviet Union loosened its grip on East Germany. Let’s say we wish to analyze the representation of subcultures of the youth within the Netflix series Stranger Things (2016-present) series . 1991 – Soviet Dissolution. Here are a few key aspects that we could discuss: In the following decades after WWII The political lines of European map remained relatively stable — that which was until demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. Power: Stranger Things was created by Netflix which is a well-known multi-national American streaming company. Within a short time, the nation’s entire western border broke up into independent states.

The show explores the lives of the story of a group made up of children and young adults that must overpower adult leaders (their parents, their military, the police as well as officials of the government) and also the supernatural forces that threaten them in order to save their town. As the dust settled there were fifteen breakaway republics. Identification: Stranger Things is mainly directed at young adults who are between 18 and 30 years old. of age, a population that has the smallest percentage of voters in politics and results in older people holding more power in politics.

Six of which were located in Europe. The majority of the main protagonists on Stranger Things are young adults. Plus: If you enjoyed the above video, make sure to take a look at this year-by year overview of who was the ruler of different regions across Europe. They are represented by: Stranger Things represents youth subcultures as places of belonging and resistance to dominant ideas and values. These are the most popular Halloween costumes for 2021.

The main characters employ an online role-playing games Dungeons & Dragons (1974) to explain the supernatural events within their towns, instead of being listened to by adults, which tend to be untruthful or even antagonists in the series. Mapped: Second-Priority Languages All Over the World. Cultural Studies The key takeaways. You might also enjoy. Culture studies are an interdisciplinarity area of academic research that studies the ways in which culture is constructed preserved, shared, and reproduced. Diagram Explainer The Caucasus Region. It also examines the ways in which this process affects the way it is controlled by systems of power within society.

Mapped The 3 Billion Population That Can’t Pay for a Healthy Diet. Cultural studies sees culture as an approach to living that is constantly evolving. Mapped: Countries that have the Most Risk of Flood. The field of study in cultural studies started with it was created when the University of Birmingham Center for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) was established in the year 1964. Analyzing the Relationship between Happiness and Wealth, according to Country. Cultural studies challenge the idea of differentiation between high and ‘low culture, and is focused on the identification and resistance to oppressive systems. Which countries produce the highest amount of Natural Gas?

Literature can be studied in a perspective of cultural studies by focusing on the text’s socioeconomic and cultural context as well as how identity, number power, and representation are interconnected in a book. An Century of Unions in Europe (1920-2022) 1. Space. Raymond Williams. "Culture is Normal". 1958. The Celestial Zoo The Celestial Zoo: A map of over 200 Objets from Our Universe.

2. This comprehensive map features the 200+ stars that Astronomers have discovered about the universe. Stuart Hall. ‘Encoding, Decoding’. 1973. The map also contains information about each one. 3. 21st October, 2022. Stuart Hall. "The Work of Representation’. 1997.

The Celestial Zoo The Celestial Zoo: A Map of over 200 objects found within our Universe. 4 . ‘Press Release No. Humans have been studying the universe for many thousands of years. CB21-TPS.49’. We’re still not figuring how to solve all of the mysteries quite yet, we’ve already made astonishing discoveries in regards to studying space. United States Census Bureau.

What are some of the most significant observations scientists have found in the past? This map of outer space drawn by Pablo Carlos Budassi highlights more than 200 celestial objects found in the universe. April 29, 2021. It provides details as well as information on each of them. Most Frequently Asked Questions About Cultural Studies. The types of celestial objects Mapped. Is there a case study of culture studies?

To create this graphic Budassi used a mix of the logarithmic maps of astronomy from Princeton University, as well as images from NASA. One example of a study in studies in cultural studies is studying the text of a culture such as the book, in conjunction with the socio-economic and cultural context the which it was written. The visualization showcases 216 diverse celestial objects which are color coded and classified into five general categories: What are the main concepts of the study of culture?

Moons and Asteroids Planets Galaxies Star System Great Scales/Superclusters.

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